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Botanical Kitchen

We help you use everyday food as medicine to support your health.

Bring vibrant, flavourful and nourishing food to your table.

Botanical Kitchen focuses on anti-inflammatory foods with a functional nutrition approach. We make healthy taste great and help people make sustainable changes to support their health and empower their healing journey.

We help bridge the gap in healthcare by providing a blueprint to support doctors, practitioners, patients, and clients in making sustainable dietary changes through our membership plans.

We support and collaborate with regenerative farms, small businesses and regional food systems. Botanical Kitchen follows the growing season and guides people to cook local in-season ingredients with confidence and taste the seasons.

We advocate for cooking as self-care and healthcare.



Karina Hines is a professional chef, certified functional nutrition counsellor, herbalist, culinary educator and founder.

Botanical Kitchen is her dream and vision of how she can help improve our relationship with cooking, food and sustainable farming to improve our health. 

Karina firmly believes that nutrition begins in the soil. She has a deep reverence for nature’s structure and loves gardening edible and medicinal plants.

Karina is the Vice President of the Josephine Porter Institute of Applied Biodynamics ~ a non-profit dedicated to soil health and regenerative agriculture.

karina hines

Target Audience

  • People who love to eat healthy food and use lots of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. People who love to garden, eat seasonal food and shop at local farms and markets.
  • Farmers with CSAs, farm shares, harvest boxes, and markets selling fresh, local, in-season produce who need recipes, inspiration, knife skills, and culinary education for their customers.
  • Doctors and Practitioners. Functional Medicine Practices, Functional Nutrition Counsellors and providers who need anti-inflammatory + food as medicine recipes to help guide their patients and clients to make sustainable dietary changes to support their health.
  • Health Coaches, Herbalists, Holistic Health and Wellness Services + Education Providers.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs + Retreats + Cancer Treatment Centres + Recovery Centres needing food as medicine education.
  • People who are navigating health concerns, chronic illness and disease management who want to use food to support their health, treatment recovery and healing journey.
  • Regenerative Agricultural Organizations and Institutions that are advocating for growing + cooking healthy food.

Botanical Kitchen Collaborations & Partnerships

Food as Medicine Programs
  • Functional Medicine + Holistic Healthcare Doctors + Practitioners + Counsellors + Coaches
  • Local Farms + Marktets + Food Businesses
  • Regenerative Agricultural Organisations
  • Corporate Wellness
  • Food Retailers

Culinary and Functional Nutrition Education
  • Retreats | Workshops | Conferences
  • Teaching Kitchens | Farms | Markets | Wellness & Recovery Centres
  • Guest Speaking | Events
  • Podcasts
  • Functional Nutrition Reset Course

Cooking and eating the right combination of good, honest food like herbs, fruits, vegetables, grains, and proteins helps us become healthier, more vital versions of ourselves. Sometimes, it takes a little help to get the hang of it. We are here to help you eat to thrive!

Botanical Kitchen is where you will discover;

  • Recipes, knife skills, plants + pantry education, cooking with culinary + medicinal herbs, workshops + food as medicine programs. 
  • What to eat when eliminating sugar, dairy, gluten, refined foods, and more.
  • Support for gut + brain + hormone health, soothe inflammation, allergies, adrenal fatigue, and anxiety. Sustain energy + manage pain.
  • Traditional wisdom combined with modern techniques. Budget balancing basics to gourmet diet styles.

Recipes fit for every season.

We make healthy taste great! Botanical Kitchen's recipes focus on using
 anti-inflammatory and nutrient-dense ingredients. 

Our recipes use lots of in-season fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and wholesome ingredients. We use a core set of pantry staples across multiple recipes to make meals sensible and easy.

The recipes are designed to help people to cook with confidence and learn about the botanical benefits and food as medicine aspect of the dish.

Each recipe offers serving suggestions, chef tips, ingredient swaps and additions.

Recipes are categorized by dish style, plant-based, land, and sea ingredients, as well as food allergies, eating style and therapeutic diet.

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Botanical Kitchen Recipe Memberships

  • Receive weekly recipes + meal ideas to guide you on what to cook each week +  bring nourishing, in-season meals to your table.
  • Use everyday food as medicine as a powerful tool for healthcare. Follow an anti-inflammatory eating style.
  • Easily navigate cooking for different tastes, food allergies, preferences, and therapeutic dietary needs. 
  • Taste the season, shop local. Our weekly recipes follow the growing seasons, CSAs, harvest shares, and farmers' markets. 
  • Adaptive recipes + ingredient swaps make it simple for practitioners to recommend memberships to help their clients make needed dietary changes.

  • Botanical Kitchen
  • Weekly food as medicine meal ideas & recipes.


“Cooking is a powerful act of self-care and healthcare. Nourishing food is the best medicine
and one of the greatest gifts you can give and receive.“

Karina Hines
Professional Chef & Founder​
CFNC Certified in Functional Nutrition + Herbalist

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